STEP is a We media New York based startup company, it has been running the business for over a year. Currently, STEP's target audience is Chinese who are working or studying in the States. They do talk shows/speeches every other week at Columbia University. They invite leaders, CEOs, elites from different industries as STEP speakers to share and exchange their ideas, experience, knowledge. STEP requested to re-brand their identity in modern and minimalistic style. We picked 5 representative keywords for the STEP which were, community, Exchange, Ideas, Energetic and Progress. Based on these five keywords we made the logo that contains various meanings that present the philosophy of the brand ' STEP' in clean minimal style. With the logo, we made a simple pattern that the client can easily apply to various applications such as pins, rubber bracelets or paper cups and other merchandises. We used the pattern for the business card, letterhead design and logo reveal animation.
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