My name is Ray Yeunsu Shin. I’m a Visual/Interaction Designer, currently living in San Francisco with a diverse background. Aside from the fact that I’ve never actually taken a long walk on the beach, I do enjoy traveling and scenic environments as I hail from Seattle, Washington, where it’s always beautiful and always green.
I am originally from Seoul, Korea, and started school in America at age of 15. Since then, I've been living across two culture. I went on to live in New York City, studying Technology Management and Digital Media at New York University. I recently finished my Graphic Design degree at California Institute of the Arts. This has influenced me to be a designer who uses storytelling to address the needs of people across culture. 
As a designer, my long-term goal is to create accessible solutions to meet the problems of everyday lives. I want to lead people to live their lives more enjoyably and efficiently, by using my cross-cultural awareness, detailed-oriented aesthetics and direct communication. 


2012-2018             California Institute of the Arts  (Valencia, CA)    BFA Graphic Design  
2010-2011              New York University (New York, NY)    Digital Media, Management (Dean's List)
2009                      Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)    Hotel - Tactics for Profitability/Business (Certificate)
2007-2010             Rainier Christian High School (Auburn, WA) 
2006-2007            Tahoma Senior High School (Maple Valley, WA)
Studied graphic design under Jeff Keedy, Michael Worthington, Gail Swanlund, Ed Fella, Scott Zukowski, Caryn Aono, Brad Tucker, Beth Elliot, Jesse Stout, Shelly Stepp, Tom Bland, Maija Burnett, Roman Jaster, Robert Dansby, Eike Konig


Google Pay - Visual Designer (Full-time)                       Nov 2019 -                        Singapore 
Google Cloud Platform - Visual Designer (Full-time)    Jul 2018 - Jul 2019          San Francisco, CA 
Tesla Level 5 Autonomous Car Control App                  Nov 2017 - Jan 2018        Valencia, CA          
CalArts Coursera UI/UX Design Specialization               Jan 2018 - Present           Valencia, CA
CalArts Winter Institute - Teaching Assistant                   Jan 2018 - Jan 2018         Valencia, CA
Lyft Play Entertaining Autonomous Ride Concept         Apr 2017 - Oct 2017         Valencia, CA
(Freelance) R-Clip Co., Ltd - Branding                              Jun 2017 - Jun 2017          Seoul, Korea
Korea National Police Agency - Lead Designer             Jun 2015 - Mar 2017        Suwon, Korea   
(Freelance) Purple Entertainment - Logo                         Mar 2017 - Mar 2017         Seoul, Korea
(Freelance) National Police Univ - Branding                    Dec 2016 - Feb 2017         Asan, Korea
(Freelance) K-Pop group, Choshinsei - Logo                   Nov 2016 - Nov 2016        Tokyo, Japan
(Freelance) M4L Real Marvelous - Branding                    Nov 2016 - Nov 2016        Seoul, Korea
(Freelance) STEP Global Inc - Branding                           Sep 2016 - Oct 2016         New York, NY
(Freelance) EPIS Equities - Branding                                Aug 2016 - Sep 2016        Santa Monica, CA
(Freelance) Royal Class - Branding                                  Jun 2016 - July 2016         Seoul, Korea
(Freelance) The All Group - Branding                              Jun 2016 - July 2016         Seoul, Korea
(Freelance) Michaa - Fashion Catalog                             Mar 2016 - May 2016        Brooklyn, NY
(Freelance) Michaa - Fashion Film                                   Mar 2016 - May 2016        Brooklyn, NY
(Freelance) BYYJ - Fashion Branding                              Oct 2015 - Dec 2015         Seoul, Korea
Capitol Records - Album Cover Designer                     Dec 2014 - Mar 2015        Los Angeles, CA
CalArts-Hongik Winter Institute TA                                 Dec 2013 - Jan 2014         Valencia, CA   
CalArts - Print Media Lab Technician                              Sep 2012 - May 2013        Valencia, CA
Sidus HQ (iHQ) - Multimedia Producer                         Dec 2011 - Aug 2012        Seoul, Korea


2019        Graphis New Talent Annual   Gold Award - Interactive Design
2018         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards   Semifinalist - Web / App / Game Design
2018         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards   Semifinalist - Commercial Branding
2018        Graphis New Talent Annual   Gold Award - Branding
2017         Graphis Letterhead 8 Award    Merit Award
2017         Graphis New Talent Annual    Merit Award - Branding
2016         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards    Semifinalist - Social Impact Branding 
2016         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards    Semifinalist - Commercial Branding x2
2016         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards    Semifinalist - Commercial Illustration
2016         Korea Public Design Awards    Grand Prize - Korea Police Public Campaign
2015         Graphis New Talent Annual     Gold Award - Poster Design 
2015         Graphis New Talent Annual    Gold Award - Typography 
2015         Graphis New Talent Annual    Silver Award - Publication Design
2015         3x3 International Illustrations Show    Merit Award, Honorable Mention 
2015         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards    Semifinalist - UX/ UI Design
2015         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards    Semifinalist - Exhibition Design
2015         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards    Semifinalist - Illustration
2015         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards    Semifinalist - Packaging
2015         Korean Enneagram Education Center - Counseling Certification
2014         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards    Semifinalist - Print Communications     
2014         Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards    Semifinalist - Publication Design    


2018         Graphis New Talent Annual 2018 
2016-17    KBS News (Korea), Kookmin Newspaper (Korea), Newsis (Korea), Yeonhap News (Korea), 
                 Maeil Newspaper (Korea), Financial News (Korea), Kyungin Newspaper (Korea) ...
2017         Graphis New Talent Annual 2017 
2017         Graphis Letterhead 8
2015         Graphis New Talent Annual 2015 


2011         Symbole de Carre, Gallery Indeco, Seoul, South Korea
Based on years spent living abroad, Ray Shin juxtaposed the western touch with the traditional oriental wind. His delicate touches use warm and various colors to show harmony between the two distinct styles, the Western and the Oriental.


2018         Featured Artist, CalArts Graphic Design End of the Year Show, Valencia, CA
2018         Hort Berlin Workshop Exhibition, Valencia, CA
2015         Featured Artist, CalArts Graphic Design End of the Year Show, Valencia, CA
2014         Featured Artist, CalArts Graphic Design Motion Show, Valencia, CA
2014         Featured Artist, CalArts Graphic Design End of the Year Show, Valencia, CA
2013         Featured Artist, CalArts Graphic Design End of the Year Show, Valencia, CA
2013         Featured Artist, CalArts Graphic Design Motion Show, Valencia, CA
2011          Director, Brooklyn Bridge Documentary,   PNIFF NYU Film Festival, New York, NY

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